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Software – The thinking of people


Complain about the software is a popular pastime, but a lot of software has improved over the last decade has improved exactly as in previous decades. Unfortunately, the improvements have come with a tremendous cost in human effort and computational resources. Basically, we learned to build reasonably reliable systems from unreliable parts adding endless layers of checks at run time and test mass.

The code structure itself has sometimes changed, but not always for the better. Often, these layers of intricate software dependencies and common design to prevent an individual, however competent, can fully understand a system. This bodes ill for the future: we can not understand and can not even measure the critical aspects of our systems.

There are, of course, that system builders have resisted pressures to build more swollen and covered systems. We thank them our planes do not crash computer, our phones work, and our emails arrive on time. They deserve praise for their efforts to make software development a mature and reliable set of principles, tools and techniques. Unfortunately they are a minority, and the bloatware (software swollen) dominates much of the printing and thinking of people.


Facebook, bubble or a good investment?


Key points for the development of Facebook

The company itself identifies risks and opportunities for significant growth:

  • The risk, yet most important opportunity is the traffic through the cell. To date Facebook has over 500 million users connecting to the platform via mobile, but have not yet been able to generate income from these users, because applications for these devices have no ads. Many of its users access only through the cell and others are migrating to this platform, if the company can not profit from these customers, they would be losing billions of dollars.
  • The growth potential of Facebook in China, which have not yet penetrated as they would like and which has a very broad market, but it includes its own risks and we have seen in the past companies like Google have had to withdraw due to censorship government and Chinese culture.
  • The company CEO Mark Zuckerberg owns 28% of the company and 57% of the vote. In just 27 years, focuses more on its vision of “improving the means of sharing information in the world” in the economics of the business, a way of thinking that has been successful with other CEOs like Steve Jobs of Apple and Larry Page of Google. So far his work has been described as well, including the purchase of Instagram referred to seize the opportunity for monetization of mobile users.


Facebook is a company with tremendous potential with over 900 million users to monetize, sustained growth and opportunities in different markets as well as young executives and innovators. If the company is able to leverage these prospects of growth so far has shown, even at that price action is attractive.

But long term I think that its main competitor Google shall still be number 1 in the online advertising market, and with even greater opportunities for growth, so it is advisable to evaluate the purchase of shares of this before a final decision .