Accounting System

Accounting Management Systems Solutions


To be competitive, companies must manage costs while increasing profitability and make decisions based on timely analysis of accurate data. AlmazAccounting is a complete set of business applications that enable you to cut costs and increase revenues across your front and back office functions. You will get better information out of your system while benefiting from consistent, accurate, and enterprise wide data. AlmazAccounting can help you make smarter decisions with better information, share information across the enterprise, and run your business more efficiently.

AlmazAccounting meets the needs of any small to mid-size enterprise in any industry. Our solution is easy to use, practical and functional.

The most advanced, more powerful, and easy to use accounting package. With the release of this version, Almaz Technology would like to thank all of its faithful customers that relied confidently on the Integrated series in the financial management of their business, and helped in the persistent development of the Integrated series, making it the most used accounting system locally and the most distributed Yemeni accounting system abroad.

AlmazAccounting is designed using up-to-date and most efficient software to ensure that our customers can manage and control their business financial tasks precisely and effortlessly. Above all, to save the time, effort, and money of our customers, AlmazAccounting comes as a package containing four comprehensive and integrated systems: the General Ledger, the Inventory, the Purchases, and the Sales. It is a result of expertise of a highly qualified team that is comprised of local and international programmers, system analysts, and accountants, who put the release together in a manner that enables the database to control all the financial and accounting transactions flawlessly and to deal with complex accounting structures.

Finally but importantly, using any of Almaz Technology software legally will entitle you to benefit from the many advantages that Almaz Technology offers to its customers. These include software maintenance and consultancy services to your businesses that are relevant to the software. In addition, any updated version is offered with an exceptional price for one full year, and a maintenance warranty and its continuation are provided based on an agreement to be signed with the customer.

AlmazAccounting Some Modules include:

•General Ledger (GL)
•Accounts Payable (AP)
•Accounts Receivable (AR)
•Payroll / Human Resources (PRL)(HR)
•Purchases (PR)
•Fixed Assest (FA)

Key Features:

•Complete consolidation accounting for several companies
•Flexible G/L account numbers
•Multiple Profit Centers
•Flexible user defined reports


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