Vehicle Tracking System

Tracking Vehicle


Fleet Management and Vehicle Security Control System

Have you ever wonder how you can run your business more efficiently, how to eliminate the headache of paperwork, handling more service requests and reducing costs. For all these questions, there is one answer “AlmazTrack”. AlmazTrack is the just the right system that any business establishment needs to take control of their assets, people, and work.

It is a system that could be used by mangers to mange the company’s vehicles and assure the efficient and secure utilization of the fleet. Implementing the system will highly improve the performance of drivers, the delivery and logistic forces which will be reflected in higher business performance indicators and lower operating cost. Logistics Supply and Coordination (better planning, lower operating costs and faster delivery). Human Resource (drivers behaviors evaluations) Finance (lower insurance bills, lower maintenance costs, and lower fuel). Essentially, this system will also serve as one of the core components of your security measures monitoring.

The AlmazTrack system supports 24/7 live tracking. Alerts for over speeding, accidents, crossing working areas, panic signals,… etc., Control the vehicle engine, doors and any other programmed inputs, Communicate with drivers, Authorized staff can access the system from anywhere in the world using a web browser.

All our systems are developed in-house and can be easily customized to address your business requirements.

How does it Work?

Simply, there are three main components the system consist of, the GPS receivers, the digital maps, and the software. We install the GPS receivers into the vehicles; these GPS receivers receive the location information from the GPS satellites and then transmit them along with the other readings of the vehicle like the speed, direction, millage etc. to the control server through one of the SMS/GPRS network providers, these information get encoded, parsed, analyzed and then stored into the main server, where all other operators can access these information through web/desktop interface.

Operators not only can read the tracking information but also send commands to the vehicles remotely. For instance, they can remotely change the configuration of the GPS receivers, or even power off the engine.


Tracking Devices Tracking Devices

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