Networking Solutions

 Networking Solution

Networking Solutions

Computer Network Design and Installation

Our wide experience in delivering fault tolerant and reliable networks enable us to bring you the best solution to meet your needs now and in the future.

Local Network & Remote Offices or Home Users
Local Area Networks and Remote Area Networks: Every business today requires access to their systems 24/7 whether from a Laptop computer or increasingly from mobile devices. The world is truly becoming a global market place in order for your business to truly compete in this market using a forward thinking IT/Telecom solution company gives you the advantage.

Cable or cable free installation use of wireless technologies are on the increase this in itself increases the threat from hackers and exploiters of computer networks , you can trust in our solutions we use the highest level of encryption and security so that all your users can be confident that they are secure.

We can design and install Cat5, Cat6 and Fibre-optic network infrastructure including the network switches required to get the most out of your installation. Do you have mobile users? We can provide solutions for mobile users to securely access your systems.

Remote Connectivity
Our designs support connectivity for remote data and email applications from such devices as Blackberrys , Mobile Phones , IPhones . We integrate Home office access via secured and reliable connections not only allowing data but also seamless voice connectivity allowing your business true flexibility anytime of the day or night. Internet Protection

We ensure that your network and data is protected from external and internal threats like viruses , key loggers trying to collected banking and other important information. Our solutions are industry proven and we are always keep abreast of current technology that will provided better protection.

Networked Security Systems
Networked Security Systems to fit all applications from small retail outlets to large multi-site organisations and industrial organisations with hundreds of cameras. Larger systems can be integrated with access control systems. IP CCTV is truly accessible from anywhere anytime. Remote monitoring offers continuous monitoring of premises using high-quality video servers that provides you with the information you require wherever you happen to be in the world.


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