Software Development

Wael Tech Pvt. Ltd. Software Development

Software Development

We Serve – Everything you need to create High Performance Software.

Almaz Technology offer wide spectrum of custom software development services, from product idea, software development to outsourcing support and enhancement. We are specialized in custom application projects that will easily integrate into your business needs. Our solutions can facilitate any small or large business service with security and custom features designed exclusively for your project. We provide high quality, on time software solutions using a range of technologies.

Almaz Technology provides one stop software products and business application development and support services to small and mid size organisations, worldwide.

We are the market leader in offering fully integrated software design, development, testing and technical support solutions.
We combine the strengths of both local and offshore software development to deliver cost efficiency and productivity gains for your organisation. We guarantee significant cost savings to you.

Company providing IT services
We always intend to provide our customers with a sustainable competitive advantage by offering cost-effective software solutions. Since our inception, our dedication and determination to complete each project as per client‘s needs has resulted in Software Services becoming one of the most admired software solutions providers. Our wide collection of software solutions services includes software development, software enhancements, software testing, support services and consulting.

We are not just producing customized software but also customize ourselves to the customer needs to provide the best possible solution. Being adaptable and flexible has already paid us dividends in terms of client satisfaction and admiration. If you share the world opinion that Yemen is the best destination to outsource from, we will prove it to you weather you are in Yemen or anypart of the world. There are many readymade packages in the market but some business problems are such that either an off-the-shelf product may not be available or even if it is available then the chances of that package giving desired functionality are minimal. Therefore we first study your requirements in detail and then we build a software specially designed for your needs.

Technologies Use:

» .NET
» Java
» Xcode

Mobile Applications Development

Almaz Technology’s Mobile Applications Development Services offer complete end-to-end development and delivery of mobile applications.
We are a fast-growth mobile application development company. Our company has developed apps for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia platforms. We develops mobile technologies and provides mobile application development services.

Platform Use:

» Windows Phone
» Android


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